Howdy! 🍻 I'm Hannes Kinnunen, junior-level developer currently studying programming at Oulu University of Applied Sciences. Most experience with Flutter, recently started learning web development. Below are list of the projects, in reverse-chronological order.



My personal website, which you're looking at. Just a quick weekend project.


Simple web app to alphabetize lists. Project goal was to learn Tailwind CSS and npm.

Name Application2021/01

Assignment for applying to Solita's Dev Academy 2021.

Compound Interest Calculator2020/11

Simple web app calculate compound interest. Project goal was to learn Bootstrap and jQuery.

Mobile (Android)

Fuel Consumption Tracker2020/06

Simple Android app to keep track of your car's fuel consumption. Project goal was to learn Hive and to make a functional app for myself.

100 reps2020/02

Android app which challenges you to do 100 push-ups. Project goal was to learn basics of state management (using Provider and ChangeNotifier).


Flutter package which adds cool zoom-and-tilt effect on it's child widget. Got the inspiration from some Medium article which I can't find anymore.

Irti nuuskasta!2019/12

Android app to help you quit snus. No specific goal, just wanted to make and release my first working app.